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Their hands will be pregnant!!

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Islam is scientific they tell us. Is this what they are teaching in the NZ Govt funded Islamic schools?

Masturbating is prohibited and a grave sin. Allah Ta’aala says in the Holy Quran: “Come not near to Al-fawaahish (shameful sins and indecent, lewd acts) whether committed openly or secretly”. (Surah al-an”aam Ayah-151) From the above Aayah, we learn that Allah Ta’aala does not allow any indecency whether open or hidden. This would include dirty acts such as masturbation, pornography, promiscuous fantasies, etc. In other words, “Come not near to Al-fawaahish” would not only mean abstaining from fornication but also abstaining from “preliminary motivations” such as looking at a strange woman without legitimate authority of Sharî’ah, shaking hands with her, kissing her, and indulging in dirty acts such as masturbation, pornography and promiscuous fantasies. Hence “come not near Al-fawaahish” forbids the preliminary motions also.

Atha Rahimahullah says that I heard that on the day of Resurrection a nation will be resurrected in the condition that their hands will be pregnant and I think it is those people who used to commit the act of masturbation. Saeed Bin Jubair Rahimahullah says that Allah Ta’aala punished nations who used to play with their private parts. [(Ibn Katheer Vl 3 Pg 249)], [(Roohul Ma’aani Vl 18 Pg 11)], [(Ma’aariful Quraan Vl 8 Pg 558)], [(Tafseer Mazhari Vl 10 Pg 68)]. It is thus definitely spiritually harmful to masturbate and let the sperm out. This can be understood from the warnings of masturbating mentioned above…


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