Ex-slaughterman’s action threatens meat industry

A Muslim slaughterman’s attempts to discredit the New Zealand meat industry have drawn the attention of the country’s spy service. Meat Industry Association members said they were contacted by the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) this week after Ahmed Ghanem, an Egyptian-born halal slaughterman now living in Christchurch, published articles on a British website decrying New… Continue reading Ex-slaughterman’s action threatens meat industry

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Kiwi on Syrian frontline

Here were the first steps of the NZ media to glorify the rebellion against Assad.  He is travelling on a Kiwi passport. The passport of choice for Islamists everywhere! Sculptor-turned freedom fighter wants to help oppressed people. A New Zealand man has joined rebels on the frontline of the fight against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad,… Continue reading Kiwi on Syrian frontline