Judge assault accused ‘causing difficulties’

Judge assault accused ‘causing difficulties’

A man charged with assaulting a judge in court is causing difficulties at Hillmorton Hospital where he is while remanded on bail.

Christchurch District Court Judge Raoul Neave said it was suspected that 26-year-old Muhammad Tanvir was deliberately causing the difficulties.

“No doubt it is with the view of keeping him where he is at the moment, which is likely to be what he wants all along,” said the judge as he remanded Tanvir to October 18 for an updated psychiatric report.

Tanvir is alleged to have assaulted Judge Jackie Moran at the end of a Mental Health Act hearing on July 20. He also faces a second assault charge and a charge of intentional damage. The judge was not injured in the attack.

He will remain on bail for the latest remand and will continue to stay at Hillmorton. He was escorted from the hospital for today’s appearance at the Rangiora Court House.

Judge Neave said the psychiatric report now before the court “leaves as many questions unanswered as it purports to answer”.

He noted that the report said Tanvir seemed to be fit to plead and the defence of insanity did not apply.

However, it also said he met the criteria for having a mental disorder and a disease of the mind. There were questions about whether, at the time of the incident, he understood the nature and quality of the act and could properly distinguish right from wrong.

Judge Neave asked for a further psychiatric report to clarify those issues.

Judge assault accused ‘causing difficulties’