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WikiLeaks cable: Kiwi Muslims – Wahhabis in their midst

5:30 AM Sunday Dec 26, 2010 October 24, 2006 SUBJECT: KIWI MUSLIMS: WAHHABIS IN THEIR MIDST Classified By: DCM David Keegan for reasons 1.4 (b) and (d). This cable was drafted by ConGen Auckland and approved by Embassy Wellington. 1. (SBU) SUMMARY: New Zealand Muslims are getting increased attention from broader society as the community… Continue reading WikiLeaks cable: Kiwi Muslims – Wahhabis in their midst

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WikiLeaks cable: Terrorist finance laws

This is one of the diplomatic cables about New Zealand held by Wikileaks. February 23, 2005 SUBJECT: NEW ZEALAND AIMS TO STRENGTHEN ITS TERRORIST FINANCE LAWS Classified by: DCM David R. Burnett. Reasons: 1.4 (b) and (d). 1. (U) Summary: The New Zealand government continues to tighten provisions of an anti-terrorism law it enacted more… Continue reading WikiLeaks cable: Terrorist finance laws

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Muslims say imam preached holy war

Muslims at New Zealand’s largest mosque claim its Pakistani imam taught jihad or holy war and preached on the need for men to make as many babies as they could with burqa-wearing women. Muslims involved claim imam or mufti Abdul Qadir Siddiquei preached jihad against members of Islamic sects he did not approve of and… Continue reading Muslims say imam preached holy war